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     PUHSD On-Line Student Enrollment

PUHSD On-line Student Enrollment allows you to begin the enrollment process to the district.

Please note that enrollment is not complete until all necessary documents are received.

What information do I need to complete on-line enrollment?

You will need the following information to complete the online enrollment process:
    · Demographic information for your student, parent/guardians and other household members
    · Name, address and telephone number of previous school

What do I do after completing the on-line enrollment?

IMPORTANT: The following original documents are required and need to be provided to the high school in order to complete the enrollment process:
    · Birth certificate or passport
    · Immunization records
    · Arizona Residency Verification
    · Emergency contacts information, including health care provider contact information
    · Health information for student
    · Guardianship/custody documentation (if applicable)
    · Unofficial high school transcript or most recent report card (for high school transfer students) and standardized test scores, if available.
    · Parent/legal guardian photo identification

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